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Monolith City

Monolith City is a modern, high-quality residential complex that includes 5 buildings. Only high-quality building materials were used during the construction process. In addition, it is unique because of its location. The residential complex is located in a cozy place in old Tbilisi, where the city noise will not disturb you. It is also worth mentioning that only five minutes are enough to reach the Petre Bagrationi Statue from Monolith City by foot.

It's important to mention as well that Monolith City is constructed using energy efficient technologies that will save up to 40% of utility taxes.


The construction of the residential building is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame, with rigid diaphragms in 2 directions. The building is primarily on rocks (rocks) based on reinforced concrete monolithic hamings. Floating roofing is a monolithic reinforced concrete foil. The roof is flat and is dull with phenoliciller. The living complex has an underground and outdoor parking space.

Building Exterior and outer walls

The façade of the building is processed with a frosting foam, painted in a painting grid, covered with a frosty foam and painted with a "Faucet" façade. The outer walls of the complex are built with an aerial block that provides hydro and heat insulation.

Hall and Corridors

The floor is finished with ceramic tiles. The walls are processed with frost-filling and are painted with "Kapparoli" façade paint. The passenger elevator is installed in the building. The entrance has an entrance iron door.

Water Supply

Water Supply is provided by the water supply of the residential complex.

Power supply

The company "Telasi" provides the power supply of the complex.


The residential complex has a closed and open parking space.

Grounding system

The building is grounded according to international standards.


The company "KazTransGas-Tbilisi" provides natural gas supply in the residential complex.


Technical description and characteristics

Walls - The apartments and façade walls of the apartments are a 20-acre aerial block, while the internal divisions are a 10-acre aerial block.
Flooring - The flat floor is arranged and cut with 5 cm of the sand-cement solution.
Ceiling - flat ceiling height of 290 cm
The door - window - the living apartment has aluminum doors and windows. The iron entrance door of the apartment is equipped with a corresponding lock.
The balcony - the balcony floor is done with the screwdriver tiles. Besides, the balcony is bordered by iron climber.
Bathroom - Air conditioning is carried out via ventilation system. Central water and sewerage lines are installed.
Heating / Cooling - The heating system pipes are installed in the apartment.
Natural gas - The apartment is entered into the gas pipeline in 2 points: central mile balcony and kitchen.
Technical Information - The flat has been entered into the 10-mm section of the car. The cable and the automatic switch is also installed.


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