Drafts of the Agreements

Agreement about real estate is legally obligatory document between buyer and company Monolith Group Ltd. A pre-purchase agreement is made before the exploitation of the building. After registration in National Agency of Public Registry buyer is represented as the future owner of the flat. After finishing the construction purchasing agreement is done and according to it, the buyer is the only owner. Customers maximum awareness and satisfaction is our priority. It’s important to read contract and study carefully details before purchasing it. It’s possible to make some correction based on individual negotiation.

Requested documents for agreement

For agreement, you need to have your ID card/ passport and contact information. If you think to purchase a flat with a mortgage loan, it is not necessary to present notice for salary.

Agreement with the power of attorney

It is available to purchase flat as a buyer and as buyer’s representative, for which is necessary to have a special document, confirmed by a notary. This document has unlimited authority to present it in any organization, to make pre-purchase and purchase agreement.

Monolith Group Ltd wishes you good luck!

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