About us

Monolith Group Ltd. was founded in November 2013. The company established itself in the Georgian construction market as a trusted and user-friendly group. Monolith Group fulfills the full package of construction, reconstruction, restoration and repair works.

It is noteworthy that Monolith Group is a team of professionals with whose guidance and participation are built and restored multifunctional complexes, residential houses, cultural heritage monuments, laboratories, banks, etc. Among them, Kote Marjanishvili House Museum in Kvareli and Kvareli John the Baptist Church are especially noteworthy. Moreover, in 2017, Monolith Group funded the first phase of restoration works of Queen Tamar fresco and wall painting in Vardzia Virgin Dormitory Cathedral, damaged during the fire in 2016.

Highly skilled engineers and technical staff, as well as workers, employed in our company, provide the highest quality of work performed. We have many years of experience in the arrangement of engineering networks (electrical and water supply, security systems, ventilation-conditioning).

Our goal is to establish a high standard of construction on the Georgian construction market and always respond to customers' wishes and new challenges. We use high-quality energy efficient construction materials. Accordingly, by living in an energy efficient apartment, our customers spend less energy, which is directly reflected on reduced taxes. Besides, by saving energy, we reduce its negative impact on the environment and contribute to the improvement of our living environment.

Residential buildings of Monolith Group, besides high quality, are distinguished by a good location. The comfort of our residents is very important for us. So, in our buildings, you will feel safe and comfortable. In addition, we have affordable prices and flexible payment conditions.


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